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If Sir Ridley/EA Games ever ran out of money and he decided to remake any of their past catalogue, I wouldn’t bemoan like a sweaty fanboy at all if they chose to resurrect this old game.

postbear sends me a link to DEAD END THRILLS – a site specific to art in video games. Particular attention to a long forgotten Blade Runner game made back in 1997. Great backstory of how the artwork was recovered from Jazz disks.

I have to say it looks gorgeous for a ’97 game, even if it’s a “click and hunt” game on 4 CDs. They got the atmospheres correct.

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  1. postbear

    you should learn from this and ignore any links i send you. they’re just not interesting to people.

    i repaged through that syd mead book i loaned you around the time i was examining d.e.t.

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