Falling Down

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So this past week has been busy…

In just under two weeks I’ve twice had to bump my AIDS Walk goal up to $2000 ($1000 to $1500 to…). So that is super awesome. Thank you again to all who have supported me! And you haven’t yet… what are you waiting for!?

On Sunday last weekend I did the most amazing fall at College and Yonge. I tripped on the corner, managed to not stumble into anyone waiting for the opposing light, and continued to stumble for at least a quarter mile. At least time slowed down enough to feel like I was stumblerunning a marathon. You know that feeling of “Shit. I know I’m going down in front a crowd of people. In public. Please. No pants pooping…” Well I did that.

It looked something like this…

Apparently I stumbled past SharkBoy and he later questioned the stupid fucking grin spread across my face as I tucked and rolled onto the ground.

I of course ended the land with a Steve-O style “Thumbs Up!” to the woman who shouted “Are you alright?” from 1000 yards away.

What else… Oh right. I’ll be at Re:Reading this Saturday from 11 to 1-ish in full Trooper kit, supporting Chris who made an incredibly generous contribution to my Walk. Bring your camera and buy a book/DVD/collectable. It’s a fun store!

Next week we’re having a garage sale where I’m selling off half my robots, books and other sundry. postbear will be shilling some things too. Deets to follow.

We’re less than 2 weeks away from our NYC/LAX/SFO vaykay! I’m obsessed with the NYC/LAX leg of the trip (which will only be 48 hours tops) purely because I can’t wait to stand in Times Square again. Love that space. The rest is pure poutine on top of found poutine.

SharkBoy has become obsessed with Instragram. His pictures on Flickr are amazing but run those pics through the cheap filters of yesteryear and they become sublime. Download it now and follow him.

So that’s me updated.

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  1. postbear

    yeah, yeah. i’ve got money for you, but i use cash so wait until i see you in person. you’re also getting a cut of my yard sale revenue, depending on how many of your robots i buy.

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