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SharkBoy and I had an “OMG I DID TOO!” moment the other day.

An old truck drove by us and I commented that it looked like the truck from “Sorcerer”. At the time I said The Sorcerer, but the movie’s name is actually without the The.  Anyway, SharkBoy’s eyes light up and he says “I remember that movie!”

Well actually we both don’t remember a single thing about the movie itself but we do remember the movie poster. What kid wouldn’t want to see a movie called Sorcerer with a guy facing off against a truck on a rope bridge? Seriously!

I remember I wanted to see the movie The Hindenburg because as a kid, I was drawn to disaster films and I knew how this particular movie would end, but I wanted to see a spectacular blimp model being torched.

I also wanted to see Chinatown, even though I was too young to get in, but the font they used and the fact that Nicholson’s cigarette smoke curled into Dunaway’s hair was pretty cool. I didn’t care about what the movie was about at all (thankfully I watched it for the first time recently and have a much better appreciation of it, instead of being potentially confused by it as a kid). As an aside, No movie poster would ever be made like Chinatown ever again. Look at that vast expanse of nothing in the bottom left corner. For a designer to show this kind of layout to a movie Exec today would probably give the Exec a heart attack and the designer a pink slip. MUST FILL ALL THING!!

I’m not going to generalize and say that movie posters have lost their charm, there are a lot out there that are interesting and cool but these are usually indie/low budget films that aren’t created with a board room of people standing around judging everything that goes out the door.


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