Return to the World, Part 2

I’m not going to sugar coat it, much like Disney would. Here’s your bullet to your brain, Bambi’s Mom: Disney World is very expensive. To put it into perspective: a week at one of DW’s value resorts (basic but fun landscaping, basic room, basic pool, cafeteria type restaurant) equals one month of some poor soul’s […]

Return to the World, Part 1

In less than 80 days, SharkBoy and I will be going on a dream vacation. Okay not a DREAM vacation, like seeing the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields or viewing a radioactive hole in the ground at Chernobyl, no. We’re going back to the World. That is, Disney World. The added plus for this vacation, the […]

Pride Tips for Out of Towners: 2010 Edition

Holy crap! With all that was going on in my life the last couple weeks I utterly forgot to create my superhelpful Pride tips! I apologize, incoming tourists, for this oversight. Here’s my last couple entries: Pride Tips 2008 Pride Tips 2009 Both still stand, with a couple interesting edits: Dining PLEASE. However attractive the […]