Its In The Fog!

I’m standing outside SharkBoy’s office, looking at the CN Tower through the skyscrapers thinking how hazy the day is, despite the sun being out in full force. The tower looked like it was an overexposed photo. I shake my head and think I’ve been reading too many How To Photography books. SharkBoy exits his office […]

My BEST Starbucks is So Much Better Than Your Starbucks

The window comes into view and I excitedly look in like a kid on the street at The Hudsons Bay Company at Christmas. Sitting in my seat from yesterday is a man with sunglasses, winter coat and a scarf wrapped around the bottom of his head. It’s 7C outside. He’s inside. I’m sure it’s gone. […]

Bumpy Ride

Subway, 8:04am. Front car. Somewhat crowded, not shoulder to shoulder, but getting there and I have my back against the driver’s cab wall when a man holding a coffee gets on and stands directly in front of me. He’s decided to keep an overstuffed knapsack well in place on his back in this crowded car […]