Memories, Glad and Sad

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Speaking of Disney, just over a year ago, SharkBoy and I were enjoying DisneyWorld. It was my first visit there, with the heart-stopping surprise of coincidentally booking on Star Wars Weekend.

I’ve said it before and will continually say it: After seeing a Jawa roaming the crowd, SharkBoy surprised me with the best moment a non-geek could bestow upon a sci-fi geek: SharkBoy yelled “Chibookii!” instead of “Uchini!” to get that Jawa’s attention and I couldn’t possibly love him more.

I, of course, correctly called out and got no response.

I’m reminded of it by this video that came through my WordPress feed. Half-heartedly watch up until 3.10 when the real fun starts. Yes, I died a bit inside when I saw it. But lets face it, nothing will erase the damage the Xmas special did to this franchise.

4 thoughts on “Memories, Glad and Sad

  1. Butchie

    Jesus. A video of two dudes having sex with each other while a third guy peed on them would be less gayer than that video. (NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT)

  2. cb


    Love the Darth Thriller! But my favorite had to be the fat chick in the “Rancor Guard” costume!!!

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