Halloween 2008

Jedis By RodTO

Jedis By RodTO

Halloween on Church Street. You will never find a more retched hive of scum and villainy.

The evening started out good with a group of us getting together at Casa RoboShark, slapping on layers of makeup while we sucked back beers during rounds of Guitar Hero and Mario Kart Wii. It sounds very involved but it was pretty relaxed. I wound up doing Dollar Store cuts on a few guys but the wax wounds didn’t last too long after leaving the apartment… I blame sweat and not having a proper sealant to make it stick. That and they wrinkled their faces too much. NO LAUGHING!

Here’s where I apologize for not taking any pictures this year. My lightsabre for my Jedi costume was a two hander. RodTO (Photog 2) took some amazing shots, as usual. Go see them and praise him highly.

We left the house at 9 and got to the street in full swing. It was busy as usual. SharkBoy felt there were too many drunk Ryerson students, but I thought it was a typical Halloween night: packed, pictures everywhere. Our outfits weren’t as attention grabbing as last year’s Luchadores, but with the Force FX sabres, we were well lit and did get into some photos. Here’s where I mention that lucha masks were out in force this year. We’re trendsetters.

We met up with Da, the Xbox Boys, FrankenSteve (nice fairies!) and got to do one circuit of up and down the strip before going home. Some of the costumes were amazing, some were the usual “Throw on a boa and I’m done” kind of WTF kind of effort. In all, I would say that a lot more people are getting into the spirit of dressing up, even if it’s just a dollar store jumpsuit with a cheap plastic lead-based mask. I say “bravo” for trying!

The thing that did mar the evening for me: I verbally abused a drunk asshole in a rather (un)Jedi like manner. We were walking in the crowd and came upon a small pocket, empty of people and I had stopped to wait for the other guys to catch up. As I did, a drunk guy came pushing out of the crowd, past me, screaming like a 9 year old child. “No! NO!” he was hollering. Chasing him was another drunk partyer who was making noises like he was going to catch him. Upon seeing my lightsabre, he lunged at me and yelled he needed it to “get that faggot.”

“Uh no,” I said and turned slightly from him.

He drunkenly clawed at the toy. (okay, the $130 toy, none the less)

“Fuck off!” I said. I was shocked: I don’t say this lightly in public, to strangers. But his total disregard for my personal space and property was appalling.

“Oh chill,” he said and tried to go for it again.

“Fuck. Off.” I said, stronger. And the surreal part was that I had my hand out, pointing a finger at his face. Like the Force was going to save me.

Exit drunk queen, muttering something, trying to catch up to “that faggot”.

Gay Jedi

Gay Jedi

There were other extremely drunken exchanges that bewildered me, like the 60-some year old woman wordlessly trying to grab SharkBoy’s lightsabre by the tube and me yelling “Lady! YOU DON’T TOUCH A JEDI’S STICK!” (yeah I said “stick” but she muttered “dick” back). Or the three Ryerson tarts wanting to play with the sabres for themselves and when we refused, asked for a kiss. Wha?

I love Halloween, but I was kind of cheesed off by the overly rowdy drunks. We were out pretty late and the worst of it did happen well after 11pm so I shouldn’t be surprised, really.

Next year, more thoughtful planning, I should think. Something not so attention grabbing, yet attention grabbing.

7 thoughts on “Halloween 2008

  1. madamerouge

    Crowds make me uneasy, hence my exit. If I’ve had 6 drinks, I tend not to get as anxious.

    My costume would’ve made more sense with an axe. LOL

    I was telling people at work about your sabres today. SO cool.

  2. Dead Robot

    Now some of the drunks that approached us were fun, I just don’t get it when they’re abusive. And I worked as a doorman. It still makes me shake my head.

  3. Dead Robot

    Evil… how did you pee in those things?!

    Sharkboy: I think it was the wig. Do you think they were attracted to my wig?

    Romach: I would think it’s harder for you to avoid drunk slags due to the huge drink culture in England. I don’t want to stop going to Halloween because of a couple assholes but I doubt I’m going to wear/have an accessory that was so expensive again. And thanks for the kind words! It was fun, regardless.

  4. Romach

    I have to admit there are a lot of events that we have stopped going to over the past few years because of drunken ass holes! Unfortunately they seem to be everywhere and tend to spoil a lot of peoples nights out. I think you all looked great!!!!!! 🙂

  5. SharkBoy

    Oh and how about the two drunken tarts that wanted us to have a “war” for them. When I said I didn’t do anything for girls, she turned to her friend and said: “huh, that’s upsetting”.
    Stupid tarts

  6. Evil Panda

    Heh, I almost got in a fistfight in a bar with some tweaked out meth queen because she jumped in front of me in the bathroom line (to go into the toilet to do more meth, I’m assuming). on the way out, she stood in the bathroom doorway, gyrated his scrawny hips at me and made a “I’m snorting drugs” type gesture. Pathetic and sad.

    Yeah, Bill and I got lots of attention on the street with our costumes.

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