The Panty Game Continues


You might recall SharkBoy and I are locked in immortal combat in a contest forever known as Who can hide the panties the best. We’ve lost the Spongebob undies somewhere – one of us hid them too well for the other to find it. The funny part is that neither one of us can recall […]

The Panty Game

Hobbies, Personal Bits

It’s been going on for about 6 months now. It’s nothing new, really. I’ve heard of couples doing this sort of game for years on end. Or variations on the theme: Hide the Spongebob panties on/in/under each other’s stuff. I just now pulled the lime green offensive things (unworn, thankfully) out of my rucksack. At […]

The Game Is Afoot!

Personal Bits

On my dresser, I have two coin banks – one for loonies and twonies, the other for the rest of the change. SharkBoy and I have a tradition of as soon as we decide on a vacation, we start putting loose change into our coin boxes. We hoard change right up to a few days […]