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Disney Day One

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Our flight into LAX was uneventful, so was the car collection. All good and nothing to complain about, except for the quiet talker at the car rental agency, who, in an inaudible whisper, told me I could takethatgreyvehiclethankyou. Super quiet. I took the first one I saw. Hope it was right…

We arrive at the Disneyland Hotel. Before going in I gravely look at SharkBoy and say “Look, I need you to be super charming. Remember when you got us that great room at Riverside? You did that dance and chant until the frond desk clerk gave in?”

“All-i-gator Bay-ouuuu!” SharkBoy sings and does a little butt-dance in his car seat.

“That’s the one. I need you to be that charming if we’re to get the Adventure Tower.” He was the “good cop” I was the “bad agent”. In the end we got the Adventure Tower, King size bed. I love my husband.

We drop our luggage (after squealing like Japanese school girls when we opened the door to the ample room) and run out to Disneyland. We cram in as much as we can before we meet up with the InstaGram friends we invited along. We hit the train around the park, Haunted Mansion (with the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay), and the Monorail.

We hit Trader Sams and meet up with Smithersocal (Aaron), MrStevers (David) and Taric (Christian) who had us laughing. Especially after a few Mai Tais. Free poured Mai Tais. Super STRONG Mai Tais.

As it got dark, we said goodbye to our new IRL friends and hit Disneyland again for the fireworks. Wiiiishes!

Back to the hotel room to pass out. We had been going for 16+ hours and the MAI TAIS didn’t help. We pass out with the “Kiss Goodnight” playing over our heads. ZZZZzzzzz

Garage Sale Update

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Last weekend was our (I guess now) annual PWA yard sale fundraiser held during the massive Cabbagetown Festival.

Saturday was a washout with all the rain. I’d like to officially apologize to TJ, Jordan and Doug for cancelling their costumed appearance but I think I saved you guys a good soaking. It was a good thing I didn’t reschedule for Sunday because it was “neuken mentale” as the Dutch say.

Loosely Translated: fucking mental. Seriously.

The crowds were out at 8.30am when we walked over to Postbear’s house to start setting up. As we started to pull things out of his basement, there was a line up forming. We opened at 10am, sharp and literally the three of us, postbear, SharkBoy and I, were swarmed with all manner of shoppers. And it didn’t let up at all.

Needless to say I could not have put on my TD armour at all. Though I did get a couple people asking me where the Stormtrooper was this year! So definitely next year!

The Bad: The guy who stiffed me $0.40 on a $3 glassware purchase AFTER we haggled for 10 min about the price. Yes, I punctuated my argument with “IT’S GOING TO CHARITY!” A

The Really Bad: We had quite a few things stolen right from under our noses. The yard is big, there was a super amount of stuff from one end to the other and maybe some of the “missing” stuff might have been legitimately bought and we forgot about the purchase but all three of us conferred at the end of the day on certain transactions and discovered that some things walked away without being paid for. I don’t know why people think it’s cool to steal, but apparently there are horrid people in the world. I hope they enjoy stealing from a registered charity.

The Good: We must have had 40-50 boxes of stuff. At the end of the day (it was getting onto dusk when we finally packed up the remnants), I would say there were 10 good sized boxes left – we’re talking those 16 gallon Rubbermaid thingers. So nearly all sold!

The Gooder: All three of us, during the madness of sales, had at least one person come up to us and stuff money into our hands for NO REASON AT ALL. Remember when I said I was bitter? This kind of kills that vibe. We were so busy we couldn’t set up a donation tub, and we probably couldn’t have kept our eye on it anyway. So it was great to see people organically giving money. Thank you random strangers!

The Goodest: We raised over $1400. There is still a couple outstanding sales, post-sales, that might push us over the $1500 limit but there we are. Think about that for a moment. Imagine moving/selling that much stuff through an afternoon of crazy.

Postbear has given the money to PWA to be distributed to a few needy channels within the foundation, like their foodbank.

Already postbear is talking up next year. Ideas are churning. Volunteers are being organized. Things are happening…

I have to single out Andrew (postbear) for all his hard work in organizing this amazing day. He worked really hard and long on making sure the yard was level, the stuff was donated and delivered on time and hauled his “never out of bed before 2pm” ass up and moving at 8am. Thanks for a great day!

What are you doing Saturday?

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Since I won’t be around town for the AIDS Walk we’ve decided that this year’s big donation (of time and money) will be to the PWA foundation of Toronto by holding a huge garage sale during the annual Cabbagetown Festival.

As well as donating some stuff, a couple lads from last year’s Walk are going to join me and put on our 501st (and Rebel Alliance) outfits for Pay-What-You-Can pics. Why not come buy some crap or get your picture taken with a Stormtrooper, a Rebel pilot, a Sandtrooper or Luke Skywalker himself!*

Click to embiggen!

Click to embiggen!

*not really Luke Skywalker, but he damn well looks like him!

Dead Robot

September 4, 2013

Due to a recent hacking attempt, I’m forced to change pretty much all my passwords.

With this new requirements most sites are putting upon you for strong passwords, I am forced to write down all my choices. In pencil. And keep it on me. In my wallet.

I have become my father.

Dead Robot

September 4, 2013

A cyclist zips past us on the sidewalk. Of course we both grumble at the jerk but as he passes the window of a diner just ahead of us, he looks into the restaurant and yells “Bacon Whores!!”

Restart, Reboot, Reset

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This morning, as I was looking for an image to put up to Instagram I realized that I had not noticed the passing of the anniversary of my father’s death.

This did not make me sad at all.

Admittedly I’ve spent the last few years in a funk. This morning’s realization that I had not noticed his …er… death day?…what’s the opposite of Birthday?? …made me kind of relieved. Like I feel like I’m on the other side of grieving. I miss him daily but I’m not sad anymore.

What makes me real sad is the state of this blog. In a frustrating moment I tore everything down and replaced it with a arrogant photo blog theme thinking I was going to just post images.

What was I thinking?

Regardless, I’m “back” as it were. Thanks for sticking with me!